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Sheet music and Lyrics

“The Gates Are Open” has been received in schools, churches, homes in my local area with much appreciation. If you would like to get a team of four children for performances, then here is all the material you require. You are free to download it and use, but not to make copies for distribution or recordings for sale. Sole rights remain with the author, Martin ter Wee.

The music book for “The Gates Are Open” is available as a series of pictures from the list below.

The pictures are grouped to from an A5 sized book when printed in the correct order on both sides of A4 paper and cut or folded.

Cover page  Cover Page
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The page numbers are indicate by the file names.
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Print Page 15/22 GO0015-22 on the other side of page 16/21 GO0016-21
Print Page 17/20 GO0017-20 on the other side of page 18/19 GO0018-19

Lyrics files are designed as A5 overheads saved as gif pictures...

  1. Celebrate His Majesty's Joy
  2. The Gates Are Open
  3. We Are Children Of Your Love
  4. Everybody Come
  5. Glory, Honour
  6. To the King Above All Kings
  7. O Lord, Your Heart
  8. Jesus, Your Word
  9. Shinin'
  10. The Beauty In My Soul
  11. God's Livin' In Me
  12. Our Mighty God
  13. There Is Joy In the House
  14. Promised Land

Prepairing  a Group

Find four eager children who can sing well and are happy to sing gospel music. Provide them copies of the words and the musical (being sung) so thaey can practice at home. It only takes a 4-5 practices to get them ready (get the backing music). While you are at it, work out a couple of simple dance routines (doesn't need a lot) at appropriate places and get a few pictures together to show on a television or projector as well.

Organise places to present it then go and enjoy!